Welcome! Thanks for taking a look around. I truly love to draw, paint, create, destroy, start over, experiment, PLAY, repeat. I believe having a creative outlet is the key to living a life filled with contentment. I live in Boulder, CO with my two kids, a pest (I mean, a dog) and my husband. Did I mention my husband last? Oops…sorry, Babe ;)

Things I love: How quiet it is outside when it snows. Watching my kids sleep (in a non-creepy way). Philosophy. “What would you do if” questions. Mysticism. Soul deep conversations (it’s the Scorpio in me. Please don’t talk to me about the weather ;) LAUGHING. It’s the best! It’s also the way to my heart. Learning. Podcasts. All things creative. Exercise.

I have a master’s degree in art therapy from Naropa University in Boulder. I studied art and psychology/human services as an undergraduate at a small private school in the Midwest.

I love hearing from you! Drop me a line anytime. abby@abbyjacdesigns.com